August 22, 2017

Our Vision

To develop community owned property in Constantine that:

    • enables people who live and/or work in the Parish, who would otherwise be forced to leave on grounds of affordability and/or lack of services, to remain in the Parish;
    • attracts more employment to the Parish;
    • inspires people, by practical example, to transition to ways of life that are more focused on long-term sustainability.

For more information on how a Community Land Trust works, click on the image below to access posters from our second open day. Meeting 2 - Top of What page

If you support what Constantine CLT is aspiring to achieve for the benefit of the local community, please join as a member.  The membership policy and form is available here.


  • April 2014

    First discussion of CLT at Transition Constantine

  • May 2014

    First Public Meeting, Steering Group is formed

  • September 2014

    Second Public Meeting, Tolmen Centre, 27th September, 10am - 4pm

  • January 2015

    Housing Needs Survey results released by Cornwall Council

  • April 2015

    Official CLT Launch, including AGM and election of Board of Directors; 19:00 on 28th April 2015

  • Launch event is a big success!
    Launch event is a big success!
    Thank you to everyone who came to the launch event on 28th April.  There was an excellent turn-out, and lots of enthusiasm and encouragement shown by all. 32 people signed up as members of Constantine CLT, which already makes us one of the largest in Cornwall. The Board of Directors was elected as follows: Adrian […]
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  • Constantine CLT Launch Event
    Constantine CLT Launch Event
    Constantine CLT’s official launch event will be held on 28th April in the Tolmen Centre, doors open at 19:00, start at 19:30. The Housing Needs Survey results are in, and it’s time to elect an official Board of Directors for the newly formed Company Limited By Guarantee, to oversee the operations of the CLT and […]
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  • Housing Needs Survey results
    Housing Needs Survey results
    The results for Constantine’s Housing Needs Survey have been published by Cornwall Council.  In summary, the survey has provided enough evidence of the need within the parish for the County Council to support, in principle, a community-led project in Constantine. Clearly this is subject to identification of a suitable site, sourcing of funding, etc – […]
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